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GearMotive racing dogbox transmission products have been manufactured since 2015. Today BMW ZF transmission has been a famous product in many racing classes.

GearMotive products are innovative by it’s design. Many of the products are protected by patented innovation, which allows building a stronger dogbox gearset to a certain limited housing area than normally.


BMW ZF S5D dogbox gearset fits to M3, 325 and several other car models. The gearset has a handful of special features built-in. Shifter mechanisms are completely rebuilt, to make them as robust and rigid as possible. Clutch shaft is stronger than original and can be built for other splines as well. Gearset can be fitted any many car models with aftermarket adapters or by bell housing modifications.


For high power vehicles (over 500hp), we offer heavy-duty HD model counter and input shafts. The HD model gearset has been tested up to 1100hp/1100Nm in drag and drift racing. Check our reference page and videos how customers use the gearbox.

Dogbox Features

  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Re-designed stronger shifter mechanism
  • Patented design to improve power handling capabilities
  • Extremely strong gearing
  • Fits to OEM housing with small modifications
  • Dogleg shift pattern
  • Fits to housings: ZF S5D-260/280/310/320Z
  • Ratio set 1 (Long 1st gear, smaller drop between gears) [Rally / Track]:
    Gear ratios 1-5: 2.23, 1.71, 1.38, 1.16, 1.00
  • Ratio set 2 (“Longish” 1st gear, bigger drop between gears) [Drift / Drag / Rallycross]:
    Gear ratios 1-5: 2.73, 1.83, 1.42, 1.16, 1.00
  • Gearset price starting at 3790Eur VAT0%
  • Installation to housing by GearMotive 490Eur

ZF Dogbox Gearset options

Heavy duty shafts for high powered vehicles (over 500Hp/Nm):


  • HD input shaft with T26 x 1-5/32″ or 1-1/8″ spline (same spline found in GM, MB, VW) 155Eur
  • HD input shaft with Z10 35mm spline (ZF GS5-39 box spline) 249Eur

IRP custom manufactured shifter with dust boot for perfect fitment with GearMotive dogbox 359Eur


  • Performance short shifter
  • Adjustability to block reverse gear or 4-5th gears
  • Made entirely of premium high grade materials
  • Precisely CNC milled aluminium anodized with black color
  • Easy installation
  • For overall short-shifting perfection we highly recommend to use stiffer engine and gearbox mounts or at least check the condition of each before use.

Prop adapter for easier fitment or replacement of existing gearbox with GearMotive ZF S5D model dogbox.

Please, request more information and tell us your current box model and yoke/prop shaft bolt pattern (78/96/105/110mm) and bolt dimension (12/14mm).

Check our youtube video:
Prop Adapter installation video


  • Adapter for replacing ZF GS5-39 gearbox (PCD 96/105/110mm and bolt dimensions 12/14mm) 290Eur
  • Adapter for replacing Getrag gearbox (PCD 78mm) 99Eur

GearMotive can offer engine adapters from variety of our partners. Please, inform us your need for engine adapter and clutch kit, so we can source you a suitable adapter kit together with dogbox upgrade. Any engine type can be fitted to any transmission with an adapter kit!

We can also offer or recommend bell housing welding fitments from our partners.


  • Adapter to fit any engine with ZF S5D dogbox
  • Welded bell housing modification to fit any engine with ZF S5D dogbox

Ask for a quote or request more information

A close ratio, straight cut gear, 5-speed dogbox transmission for Honda B-series engines, fits e.g., Integra and Civic VTi models. The gearbox contains several improvements for better durability and shifting experience. Different final drive ratio options available. Shift Change Holder Assembly has been reinforced in order to handle all the forces created by dogbox transmission.


  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Reinforcened shift forks and shaft
  • Full gearset including final drive ratio, LSD not included in price
  • Straight cut teeth, 4 dog design
  • Reinforced Shift Change Holder Assembly
  • One ratio set available: 2.166, 1.75, 1.47, 1.27, 1.11
  • Final drive ratios: 5.4, 5.66 (ask for different final drive ratios)

We have taken it to extremes again by introducing this Honda Civic Type-R EP / FN 6 speed dogbox transmission. Transmission is designed to have 6 gears, but gear widths have been increased for higher robustness in race use. Straight cut, 4 dog gear design, superb shifting and great performance. All dog rings are moved to main shaft for better shifting and less dog wear. Extremely strong shift forks and shifter shafts. Redesigned more robust shifter change holder assembly. Shift tower shaft and changer claw made of stronger steel with stronger design.


  • 6 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Redesigned stronger shifter mechanism
  • Patent pending Reverse Gear mechanism
  • Full set including final drive ratio, LSD not included in price
  • No case modifications needed
  • One ratio set available: 2.58, 2.07, 1.67, 1.40, 1.21, 1.06
  • Final drive ratio: 5.5 (ask for different final drive ratios)

Gearset fits into Nissan Almera and Primera N15 transmissions. Comprises of very strong straight cut gears, rebuilt steel shift forks.


  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Reinforced shifter parts
  • Straight cut gears
  • Full set including final drive ratio, LSD not included in price
  • Ratios available: 2.27, 1.81, 1.5, 1.29, 1.13
  • Final drive ratio: 5.09

Gearset fits into Opel Astra, Kadet etc. models. Group A rally ratios also available. Comprises of very strong straight cut gears, reinforced shift forks, shift tower and other shifting parts. Set of final drive ratios available. Gear ratios are adjusted for superb driving experience.


  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Reinforced shifter parts
  • Straight cut gears
  • Full set including final drive ratio, LSD not included in price
  • Ratios available: 2.2, 1.75, 1.47, 1.27, 1.13 (ask for Group A ratios)
  • Final drive ratios: 4.5, 4.83, 5.1

Subaru 2WD 5-speed dogbox transmission model for rear-engine cars. This transmission is an awesome choice for cars running with “old” VW beetle transmissions. Subaru Impreza / WRX 4WD transmission is a modern and strong basis to build dogbox transmission for 2WD rear engine use.

By closely going through the images, you may notice we have been able to increase gear widths 30% in comparison to original gear widths. This has been possible only by removing reverse gear between 1-2 gears in input shaft and moving it to different location. Input shaft is made of two pieces, allowing the use of different material for clutch shaft. Dog gears for 3. and 4. gears have been located to output shaft to improve shifting and reduce dog wear.

To switch Subaru transmission from front to back of the car, we are using special produced reversed ring and pinion set to turn transmission rotation direction.

Transmission can be fitted for different engines using adapter plates and custom flywheel options. Original clutch bearing has been upgraded to concentric slave cylinder usually.


  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Rebuilt stronger shifter forks
  • Straight cut wide gears
  • Full gearset including ring and pinion, LSD not included in price
  • Requires case modifications. Only necessary case modifications for gearset installation are included in price.
  • Clutch shaft spline 1″ x 23 (e.g. Ford), ask for other splines
  • Ask for extra options like: Concentric hydraulic slave cylinder fitment, engine adapter, drive shaft adapter, shortened tranny nose
  • One ratio set available: 3.56, 2.77, 2.22, 1.85, 1.58
  • Final drive ratios: 3.9, 4.11, 4.44, 4.86

Short ratio straight cut gear dogbox gearset for small FWD Toyota case. Gearset is suitable for rally use, long first gear and close upper gear ratios. This transmission can be designed for 6 gears as a special option.


  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset, special option for 6 gears
  • Rebuilt stronger shifter forks and reinforcened shifter shafts
  • Straight cut wide gears
  • Full gearset including ring and pinion, LSD not included in price
  • One ratio set available: 2.3, 1.8, 1.54, 1.33, 1.19
  • Final drive ratios: 5.1, 5.5

Very strong FWD car E153 dogbox gearset that fits into Toyota E153 transmission cases. This transmission features patent pending, redesigned reverse gear mechanism. It allows building wider gears to same space than other manufacturers. And it’s not just the gears, but it also allows building more robust gear connecting dogs. Gears are close to 2x wider than original.

Currently available very short ratio gearset, suitable for rallycross purposes. Short ratio gearset has dog design, which makes shifting experience great even with high revving engine.


  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Modified shifter forks and shafts
  • Straight cut strong teeth profiles
  • 4 dog design for high revving engines
  • Fits to original cases with small modifications
  • Ratios available: 2.58, 2.00, 1.62, 1.35, 1.19
  • Final drive ratio: 5.6

Toyota T50 5-speed transmission to RWD cars with small / medium size engines. This transmission goes through a bunch of mods to original cases. Case requires some aluminium welding, CNC machining etc. work to make the gearset fit into cases. Reason for such big mods is the modification of dogleg 1st gear shift pattern, required for building 5th gear ratio 1:1.

This transmission can be fitted with bellhousing adapters to many different engines (Ford Duratec, Ford OHC, Opel, Mazda, Fiat, Lada etc.)

Very light transmission, fits especially to light/medium weight cars.


  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Modified shifter forks and shafts
  • Straight cut strong teeth profiles
  • Dogleg 1st gear shift pattern, requires case modifications
  • Clutch shaft spline options in stock: 1″ x 23 (Ford), Toyota and Opel, ask for other splines
  • Comprises of bigger output shaft with T22x25mm splines
  • Small case bearings upgraded to stronger aftermarket bearings
  • Ask for extra options like: Bellhousing adapters and other features
  • Ratio set available: 2.09, 1.62, 1.33, 1.13, 1.00

Assembly and further information

Gearsets are assembled in GearMotive shop to customer’s transmission cases or cases can be bought from us. Some gearsets may have an option for assembly in GearMotive approved transmission shop or by customer itself. Please, contact us for information of current situation.

Prices are exclusive taxes and import duties, no shipping is included in pricing.

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