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BMW ZF S5D dogbox gearset fits to M3, 325 and several other car models. The gearset has a handful of special features built-in. Shifter mechanisms are completely rebuilt, to make them as robust and rigid as possible. Clutch shaft is stronger than original and can be built for other splines as well. Gearset can be fitted any many car models with aftermarket adapters or by bell housing modifications.


For high power vehicles (over 500hp), we offer heavy-duty HD model counter and input shafts. The HD model gearset has been tested up to 1100hp/1100Nm in drag and drift racing. Check our reference page and videos how customers use the gearbox.

Dogbox Features

  • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
  • Re-designed stronger shifter mechanism
  • Patented design to improve power handling capabilities
  • Extremely strong gearing
  • Fits to OEM housing with small modifications
  • Dogleg shift pattern
  • Fits to housings: ZF S5D-260/280/310/320Z
  • Ratio set 1 (Long 1st gear, smaller drop between gears) [Rally / Track]:
    Gear ratios 1-5: 2.23, 1.71, 1.38, 1.16, 1.00
  • Ratio set 2 (“Longish” 1st gear, bigger drop between gears) [Drift / Drag / Rallycross]:
    Gear ratios 1-5: 2.73, 1.83, 1.42, 1.16, 1.00
  • Gearset price starting at 3790Eur VAT0%
  • Installation to housing by GearMotive 490Eur

ZF Dogbox Gearset options

Heavy duty shafts for high powered vehicles (over 500Hp/Nm):


  • HD input shaft with Z10 35mm spline (ZF GS5-39 box spline) 249Eur

IRP custom manufactured shifter with dust boot for perfect fitment with GearMotive dogbox 359Eur


  • Performance short shifter
  • Adjustability to block reverse gear or 4-5th gears
  • Made entirely of premium high grade materials
  • Precisely CNC milled aluminium anodized with black color
  • Easy installation
  • For overall short-shifting perfection we highly recommend to use stiffer engine and gearbox mounts or at least check the condition of each before use.

Prop adapter for easier fitment or replacement of existing gearbox with GearMotive ZF S5D model dogbox.

Please, request more information and tell us your current box model and yoke/prop shaft bolt pattern (78/96/105/110mm) and bolt dimension (12/14mm).

Check our youtube video:
Prop Adapter installation video


  • Adapter for replacing ZF GS5-39 gearbox (PCD 96/105/110mm and bolt dimensions 12/14mm) 290Eur
  • Adapter for replacing Getrag gearbox (PCD 78mm) 99Eur

GearMotive can offer engine adapters from variety of our partners. Please, inform us your need for engine adapter and clutch kit, so we can source you a suitable adapter kit together with dogbox upgrade. Any engine type can be fitted to any transmission with an adapter kit!

We can also offer or recommend bell housing welding fitments from our partners.


  • Adapter to fit any engine with ZF S5D dogbox
  • Welded bell housing modification to fit any engine with ZF S5D dogbox

Ask for a quote or request more information

Assembly and further information

Gearsets are assembled in GearMotive shop to customer’s transmission cases or cases can be bought from us. Some gearsets may have an option for assembly in GearMotive approved transmission shop or by customer itself. Please, contact us for information of current situation.

Prices are exclusive taxes and import duties, no shipping is included in pricing.

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