Frequently Asked Questions

What oil to use in GearMotive Dogbox

Are GearMotive products covered by warranty?

New products assembled by GearMotive or GearMotive authorised reseller are covered by start-up warranty, which includes the initial tests to verify product works properly. Start-up warranty is not given, if transmission is disassembled or assembled by non-authorised person.

In the case of transmission break down, broken parts are analyzed by GearMotive and if there is a very clear manufacturing issue visible the warranty covers only parts having the manufacturing error, and if transmission has been used according to other GearMotive given conditions. Warranty covers errors happened in design, machining, heat-treatment or assembly and either of these, which has clearly been a reason for failure.

A customer can register a new dogbox to gain extended 6 Months warranty against sudden break down, not covering user error.

What is not covered by the warranty?

  • Products used for racing in general.
  • Products installed in vehicle having more power than recommended limits.
  • Products which are not assembled and disassembled by GearMotive or an authorised dealer.
  • Wrong type of use of a product.
  • General wear of parts. Wear depends very much on usage of product.

Can I assemble a gearset myself?

Some of the gearset installations require transmission case modifications, therefore it depends very much about the product if assembly must be made in GearMotive shop. Some models are easier to assemble and they can be installed by GearMotive authorised shops.