Toyota T50 5-speed dogbox

Toyota Carina/AE86 T40/T50 – 5 speed dogbox.


3890 Eur VAT 0%

Fitment adapters available for different bellhousings.

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Toyota Carina/AE86 T40/T50 – 5 speed dogbox

Toyota T50 5-speed transmission to RWD cars with small/medium size engines.
This transmission goes through a bunch of mods to original cases.
Case requires some aluminium welding, CNC machining etc. work to make the gearset fit into cases.
Reason for such big mods is the modification of dogleg 1st gear shift pattern, required for
building 5th gear ratio 1:1.

This transmission can be fitted with bellhousing adapters to many different engines (Ford Duratec,
Ford OHC, Opel, Mazda, Fiat, Lada etc.)

Very light transmission, fits especially to light/medium weight cars.


    • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
    • Modified shifter forks and shafts
    • Straight cut strong teeth profiles
    • Dogleg 1st gear shift pattern, requires case modifications
    • Clutch shaft spline options in stock: 1″ x 23 (Ford), Toyota and Opel, ask for other splines
    • Comprises of bigger output shaft with T22x25mm splines
    • Small case bearings upgraded to stronger aftermarket bearings
    • Ask for extra options like: Bellhousing adapters and other features
    • One ratio set available:
      • Ratios: 2.09, 1.62, 1.33, 1.13, 1.00

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Assembly and further information:

Gearsets are assembled in GearMotive shop to customer’s transmission cases or cases can be
bought from us. Some gearsets may have an option for assembly in GearMotive approved
transmission shop or by customer itself. Please, contact us for information of current situation.

Prices do not include shipping of customer cases to GearMotive shop for assembly purposes.