Subaru TY754 5-speed 2WD Rear Engine dogbox

Subaru Impreza WRX 4WD 5-Spd TY754 dogbox gearset converted to 2WD Rear Engine use.


Gearset: 3990 Eur VAT 0% assembled, shipping included.

Ring and pinion: 1390 Eur VAT 0%.

Extra options: LSD, Engine adapter, Tilton clutch slave cylinder and adapter and shortened tranny nose. Ask for pricing!

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Subaru TY754 5-speed 2WD Rear Engine dogbox

Subaru 2WD 5-speed dogbox transmission model for rear-engine cars.
This transmission is an awesome choice for cars running with “old” VW beetle transmissions.
Subaru Impreza/WRX 4WD transmission is a modern and strong basis to build dogbox transmission for 2WD rear engine use.

By closely going through the images, you may notice we have been able to increase gear widths 30% in comparison to original gear widths.
This has been possible only by removing reverse gear between 1-2 gears in input shaft and moving it to different location. Input
shaft is made of two pieces, allowing the use of different material for clutch shaft. Dog gears for 3. and 4. gears have been
located to output shaft to improve shifting and reduce dog wear.

To switch Subaru transmission from front to back of the car, we are using special produced reversed ring and pinion set to turn transmission rotation direction.

Transmission can be fitted for different engines using adapter plates and custom flywheel options.
Original clutch bearing has been upgraded to concentric slave cylinder usually.


    • 5 Speed Dogbox gearset
    • Rebuilt stronger shifter forks
    • Straight cut wide gears
    • Full gearset including ring and pinion, LSD not included in price
    • Requires case modifications. Only necessary case modifications for gearset installation are included in price.
    • Clutch shaft spline 1″ x 23 (e.g. Ford), ask for other splines
    • Ask for extra options like: Concentric hydraulic slave cylinder fitment, engine adapter, drive shaft adapter, shortened tranny nose.
    • One ratio set available:
      • Ratios: 3.56, 2.77, 2.22, 1.85, 1.58
      • Final Drives: 3.9, 4.11, 4.44, 4.86

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Assembly and further information:

Gearsets are assembled in GearMotive shop to customer’s transmission cases or cases can be
bought from us. Some gearsets may have an option for assembly in GearMotive approved
transmission shop or by customer itself. Please, contact us for information of current situation.

Prices do not include shipping of customer cases to GearMotive shop for assembly purposes.