Honda K-series 6-speed dogbox

Honda Civic 6-speed K-series dogbox gearset for rallycross, rally etc.

Pricing: gearset 3890 Eur VAT 0%, shipping included.

Assembly 490 Eur inc. shipment for finished transmission.

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Honda Civic 6-speed K-series dogbox gearset

We have taken it to extremes again by introducing this Honda Civic Type-R EP/FN 6 speed dogbox transmission!
Transmission is designed to have 6 gears, but gear widths have been increased for higher robustness in race use.
Straight cut, 4 dog gear design, superb shifting and great performance.
All dog rings are moved to main shaft for better shifting and less dog wear. Extremely strong shift forks and shifter shafts.
Redesigned more robust shifter change holder assembly. Shift tower shaft and changer claw made of stronger steel with stronger design.


    • 6 Speed Dogbox gearset
    • Redesigned stronger shifter mechanism
    • Patent pending Reverse Gear mechanism
    • Full set including final drive ratio, LSD not included in price
    • No case modifications needed
    • One ratio set available, ask for different final drive ratios:
      • Ratios: 2.58, 2.07, 1.67, 1.40, 1.21, 1.06
      • Final Drive 5.5

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Assembly and further information:

Gearsets are assembled in GearMotive shop to customer’s transmission cases or cases can be
bought from us. Some gearsets may have an option for assembly in GearMotive approved
transmission shop or by customer itself. Please, contact us for information of current situation.

Prices do not include shipping of customer cases to GearMotive shop for assembly purposes.